Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion inspiration of the moment

Fashionista fairy tale story.... starring NICOLE RICHIE-..... she went from flab to fab ,..... fashion misfit to fashion queen... I remember the first time I saw her was as Paris Hilton”s bff on the Simple Life.. was totali addicted to the show.. don’t ask me why I still don’t knw to this day. . She is a fashion happily ever after. Her style its more boho chic meets rocker chic I just love how effortless and simple her style is ....and how she accessorizes.. Rachell Zoe mos def turned this ugly duckling into a swan.. From mommy to fashion designer to author this girl jst has it all.. HER WEDDING DRESS OMG TO DIE FOR !!!!! she was the epitome of the perfect bride  (**:)  , so happy she got her happily ever after..

Tootles “P”

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